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Music teachers in Ensiklomusika are curated and they teach with passion and heart. Each teacher has been trained, both in music and teaching, to ensure your best experience in music learning.

Jakarta Team

Jakarta Team

Ms. Susan

Student Relation 

Ms. Susan is your go to person when you have any question about our programs.

Cheerful and helpful, she is always happy to help you regarding lesson, schedule, teacher, and piano rental.

Ms. Susan graduated from Tourism Major in a top university in Jakarta. She is also fluent in English, Korean, and French.

Ms. Karina

Full Time Senior Teacher
Piano and Music For Early Childhood 

Ms. Karina is a committed and professional piano teacher. She's dedicated to bring out the best of every of her student. 

She graduated from Yayasan Pendidikan Music while personally enriched herself with ABSRM qualifications. She also earned her Grad. Dipl. of Business and Creative Industry, at Edith Cowan University, Perth. Additionally, She was awarded Commended Category during the Northfield Festival of Music and Speech.

Ms. Karina is currently handling Ensiklomusika's school partners, group classes, as well as one to one classes.

Ms. Merry

Full Time Teacher
Piano and Music For Early Childhood 

Ms. Merry is a nurturing, friendly and dedicated piano teacher. She's excellent with both adult and young students, and makes sure every student has the best learning experience.

She graduated from Yayasan Pendidikan Music. She was also trained in pedagogy when she joined Ensiklomusika. Besides excelling in music, Ms. Merry is also a great ballerina and choir singer!

She currently is handling Ensiklomusika's school partners, group classes, as well as one to one classes at Ensiklomusika's studio and student's homes.

Ms. Monique

Piano Teacher

Ms. Monique is an inspiring and patient music teachers. She teaches one to one piano.

She did her piano study at Yayasan Pendidikan Musik Jakarta. Having experience as a chief coordinator in a music school, she is professional and realiable.

Ms. Cati

Piano, Vocal, and
Music For Early Childhood Teacher

Ms. Cati is a creative, fun and professional music teacher. She teaches one to one piano for Little Mozarts, voice and group classes.

She is currently at her last semester in Institut Music Daya to achieve her Bachelor of Music Degree. Besides teaching, she does numerous voice performances at qualified events, including Java Jazz and regularly at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta.

Mr. Aditya

Guitar Teacher

Besides being a friendly and fun teacher, Mr. Aditya is undoubtedly a professional musician. He was nominated as the best performer in Java Jazz and he performed in Samaa' Music festival in Cairo in 2014. He and his duo partner in Senar Senja, released an album called "Bersenjagurau". 

Ms. Michelle

Piano Teacher

Ms. Michelle is a competent and skilful piano teacher. She is great with both young and adult students. 

Ms. Michelle has attained the Diploma in Music (Performance) from

Singapore Raffles Music College, and

has also completed the

Foundation Degree in Music Performance course and graduated in 2017 with an Outstanding Academic Achievement Award. Furthermore, she

has completed her Bachelor (Hons) in Music Performance course. She has also passed her ABRSM grade 8 theory and practical exams with distinction.

Ms. Michelle is currently handling Ensiklomusika's school partners, group classes, as well as one to one classes.

Ms. Tiwi

Piano Teacher

Ms. Pratiwi is a fun and inspiring piano teacher.


Proven with experiences in teaching children with special needs, including children with blindness, Ms. Tiwi is patient and motivating.

Ms. Tiwi attained her skill in piano teaching from Yayasan Musik Semarang and through ABRSM exams. She also continually enriches herself with pedagogy courses. 

Classes with Ms. Tiwi is always fun!

Bali Team

Mr. Andrea

Bali Branch Manager

Mr. Andrea makes sure that you have a great experience with Ensiklomusika Bali. Being both thorough and creative, he is responsible to build partnerships and develop the school. 

Mr. Benedict

Full Time Teacher
Piano and Contemporary Music

Mr Benedict is a fun and inspiring music teacher.


He has a passion for Classical, Jazz, contemporary and Latin music, and this makes Mr Benedict fits well for bigger kids and adult to pursue their musical journey.


Mr Benedict is currently handling Ensiklomusika's school partner and one-to-one classes.

Ms. Tya

Full Time Teacher
Violin, Piano and
Music for Early Childhood

Ms Tya is a dedicated, lovable and creative music teacher.

She was trained professionally on both teaching and music at Indonesian Institute of Arts in Jogjakarta, and graduated in 2018. She had many masterclasses with world-class musicians, and has joined many orchestra projects, including Melbourne String Orchestra.


Ms Tya is currently handling Ensiklomusika's school partner, group classes, and one-to-one classes.

Mr. Kenny

Full Time Guitar Teacher

Mr Kenny is a patient and dedicated guitar teacher. He wrote his own guitar method books that you can find at the local bookstore!


He attained his Bachelor of Music in Jogjakarta, then Master of Music in Solo, Indonesia. 


Mr Kenny is currently handling one to one classes at Ensiklomusika


Ms. Wulan

Full Time Vocal Teacher

Ms Wulan is a creative and dedicated teacher. She is great with both adult and younger students.


Equipped with experience in leading choirs, voice coaching, and creating singles that you can find on Spotify, 

Ms. Wulan is your go to person when you'd like to improve your singing.


Ms Wulan is currently handling Ensiklomusika's one to one classes.


Mr. Indra

Full Time Piano Teacher

Mr. Indra is a professional, dedicated, and painstaking teacher. He does great with both adult and children.


Equipped with a Piano Performance degree from a high-quality conservatory in Jakarta, he is surely one of the students' inspiration.


Mr Indra  is currently handling one to one classes at Ensiklomusika.



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