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Music Classes in Jakarta and Bali

Your first step of music education experience

Ensiklomusika Music School is the top provider of music lessons for international students in Bali and Jakarta. Since 2012, Ensiklomusika has been helping children and adults reaching their musical dreams through music lessons in their branches in Jakarta and Bali. All lessons are presented in English and Indonesian. World-wide certification opt for students is available.

Ensiklomusika Music School also provides international examinations, such as ABRSM and Rock School, in which the certificates are accepted worldwide. Besides that, we also conduct public concerts as a safe space for the students to perform.

Jakarta Music Programs


 Piano Class 


 Vocal Class 


 Other Classes 


Bali Music Programs

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 Piano Class 


 Vocal Class 

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 Other Classes 


What Our Clients Say...

piano lessons in Jakarta

Our 7 year old daughter has been taking private piano lessons in Jakarta with Ensiklomusika. Their training and experience, not only in music but also in education, set them apart from other music school. They coach our daughter methodologically and systematically, catering her approach to the needs at any point of time. They always knows when to motivate and engage, keeping the interest of a young child.


In this one year, we can see how our daughter has made significant progress in playing the piano. More importantly, she now loves music and daily practice is no longer a chore for her. She is also more confident to perform in public, as Ensiklomusika creates many opportunities for such performances.


We are so happy with Ensiklomusika that our 3 year old has just started taking music lessons with them as well. For their passion in music and love for teaching, we would recommend Ensiklomusika most strongly to other parents with young children. 

~ Rita & Keita Ikeda, Japan

Excellent results, very professional, well-versed in the classical repertoire. They are able to teach to a beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Great at motivating the children in a friendly but firm manner.

- Morgan C. Hall, USA

I'm in my late 50's but  but their techniques, patience, and knowledge about the instrument and teaching, have had a great impact in my learning speed. They have the expertise to know how to bring the best out of a student.

- Jose, Venezuela

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Music Lesson Jakarta Ensiklomusika
Music Lesson Jakarta Ensiklomusika
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