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We are very proud to present to you, our beloved student Daniel Martinez with his debut single “Boring Days. He has been taking guitar lessons and Digital Music Making Class in our Bali Branch.

This 10 year Daniel Martinez Rodriguez pretty much has got a lot on his hands. During his digital music making class at Ensikomusika Bali, he also fills his days with reading, guitar lessons, drawing, muaythai, jiu-jitsu, street dance, skateboarding, and surfing. His first season at Ensikomusika Bali has led him to his debut in songwriting, resulting in a hip-hopesque piece which combines his story telling with singing parts.

"Uh-uh, I am not a singer, and there's no way I am gonna sing on this one," Daniel stated.


But he didn't mind singing the chorus part for the demo's sake, and it turned out more than just okay. Daniel carries on with his guitar class for further musical journey and looks forward to working on the next track soon. 

Please enjoy his debut single Boring Days in this link. 

Everyone has their own dreams and preferences when it comes to music and we are here to guide you closer towards your dreams. This is why every student in Ensiklomusika is treated exclusively. Check out our music classes at Bali Music Programs and Jakarta Music Programs. Feel special with us!

What our clients say...

Our 7 year old daughter has been taking private piano lessons in Jakarta with Ensiklomusika. Their training and experience, not only in music but also in education, set them apart from other music school. They coach our daughter methodologically and systematically, catering her approach to the needs at any point of time. They always knows when to motivate and engage, keeping the interest of a young child.


In this one year, we can see how our daughter has made significant progress in playing the piano. More importantly, she now loves music and daily practice is no longer a chore for her. She is also more confident to perform in public, as Ensiklomusika creates many opportunities for such performances.


We are so happy with Ensiklomusika that our 3 year old has just started taking music lessons with them as well. For their passion in music and love for teaching, we would recommend Ensiklomusika most strongly to other parents with young children. 

~ Rita & Keita Ikeda, Japan

Excellent results, very professional, well-versed in the classical repertoire. They are able to teach to a beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Great at motivating the children in a friendly but firm manner.

- Morgan C. Hall, USA

I'm in my late 50's but  but their techniques, patience, and knowledge about the instrument and teaching, have had a great impact in my learning speed. They have the expertise to know how to bring the best out of a student

- Jose, Venezuela

Ensiklomusika Music School concentrates on using music for early and primary education as we work to improve their soft skills. Every educator in the school has to collaborate with parents to have the right mindset towards their children learning music. They utilize toys, physical movements, storytelling, and other learning collateral to match their abstract thinking routes. Ensiklomusika Music School is highly particular about shaping the right youth for a global future.

The school also tries to enforce the same mentality onto their adult students. Ensiklomusika Music School's adult graduates admitted to seeing self-progression with their music lessons, where they discover newfound confidence and reignite self-belief.


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