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Jakarta Music Class Programs

Every one has their own dreams and preferences when it comes to music and we are here to guide you closer towards your dreams. This is why every student in Ensiklomusika is treated exclusively. Feel special with us!

  Mini Melody Group Class (1.5 to 3 years old)

Mini Melody class is designed for children between 1.5 to 3 years old, to give toddlers the best experience and stimulation of music and its elements as a strong foundation in music and dance. The vision of this class is to encourage children to seek, love and create beauty in life.

Lessons are presented via activities that are exciting for them, such as dancing, singing, storytelling with storybooks and plush toys, playing various instruments as "petting zoo", and even creating visual art. Children's imaginations will be stimulated, which is vital for their growth. One parent (or caretaker) is required to attend together with the toddler and actively follow the class.

Piano Class (3.5 years old to adulthood)

Learn music with more focus and result by taking intensive piano lessons. To reach their best potential, students joining this program are advised to possess their instrument to practice at home.

Piano Classes are offered in one to one setting for 3,5 years old to adulthood. Depending on the student’s age, we use different methods and books that fit for each age group.

Piano lesson

When student is ready, piano examinations with ABRSM and Rock School are available for those who would like to pursue music further. These examinations provide certifications that are accepted worldwide.

Little Mozart method is available for 3.5 - 6 years old. This method is a part of our piano program that is especially designed for younger starters. This enables them to learn piano in a fun environment, with two plushy toys: Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear. During the lesson, these younger starters will be learning piano through various exciting ways, such as musical games, doing piano workbook with colours, singing, and movement.

Vocal Class (4 years old and up)

Our vocal class provide professional training that includes vital techniques of singing. Students will be guided to sing with proper posture, accurate intonation, breathing technique, various voice placement, and expanding vocal range. The student will also explore vocal exercises, register balance, and power management.

All of these skills are important in singing despite the various genres of music. For younger students, we make sure that the teacher creates a fun teaching environment with children specified songs, including nursery rhymes and Disney songs.

Other Instrument Classes (6 years old and up)

Besides piano and vocal classes, Ensiklomusika Music School also provides other instrument classes, such as violin, guitar, drum, cello, ukulele, and flute. To join these classes, students have to possess their own instruments to be brought to the class. 

Owning an instrument is also very important to help students practice at home. All of these classes above are available to be done in a one-to-one setting, which enables students to learn privately with one teacher who’s an expert in their field. 

Music Theory Class (6 years old and up)

In some cases, learning music theory can be very beneficial, especially when a student is ready to dive deeper into music and also pursuing music examinations for the certifications. Some grades of the music exams require the candidates to pass a certain level of music theory examinations first. When a student is taking music theory class, they will learn the range music theory, including the compositional elements, such as tempo, rhythms, musical notes, chords, key signatures, intervals, scales, and more. In the higher grades, students are taught melody, harmony, form, tonal systems, tuning, and composition in the classical genre.

Lessons At Your Home

Some people prefer to have music lessons in the comfort of their home. Ensiklomusika Music School provides house call lessons so that you don’t have to deal with the commute, let alone the traffic. Our teachers are ready to come to your home in the selected areas. There will be a minimum of 60 minutes per visit and added house-call fee to appreciate our teacher’s time. To join our house call programs, students need to have their own instrument at home, including a keyboard if the student is taking vocal lessons. Ensiklomusika’s house call lessons are available only in certain areas of Bali. 

Piano Rental

Some people prefer to have music lessons in the comfort of their home. Ensiklomusika Music School provides house call lessons so that you don’t have to deal with the commute, let alone the traffic. Our teachers are ready to come to your home in the selected areas. There will be a minimum of 60 minutes per visit and added house-call fee to appreciate our teacher’s time. To join our house call programs, students need to have their own instrument at home, including a keyboard if the student is taking vocal lessons. Ensiklomusika’s house call lessons are available only in certain areas of Bali. 

Teachers Profile 

Music teachers in Ensiklomusika are curated and they teach with passion and heart. Each teacher has been trained, both in music and teaching to ensure your best experience in music learning.


Ms. Niken

Student Relation 

Should you have unanswered questions, Ms Niken is your person in to help. She will gladly assist you out with any kind of inquiries you have in term of our program.


Along with her experience as teacher in formal school and educational background in hospitality, she will make sure that you will be well-pleased during your class in Ensiklomusika Music School, by liaising teachers & students' schedule and communication.

Firly profile pic.jpeg

Ms. Firly

Guitar, Piano, and Mini Melody Teacher

Ms. Firly is a fun and patient music teacher.

Passionate in Music, Ms Firly went to Vocational School in Bogor majoring in Classical Music and then pursued her Bachelor Degree of music from Indonesian Institute of The Art, Yogyakarta.

Ms Firly is cheerful and fun, thus she has many young students. Currently she is available for guitar, piano and Mini Melody classes in Kemang, Pakubuwono, Kuningan and Terogong.


Ms. Monique

Piano Teacher

Ms. Monique is an inspiring and patient music teachers. She teaches one to one piano.

She did her piano study at Yayasan Pendidikan Musik Jakarta. Having experience as a chief coordinator in a music school, she is professional and realiable.

Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 00.05.54.png

Ms. Maggie

Piano and Mini Melody Teacher

Ms. Maggie is passionate in music education and pedagogy. She studied piano at Yayasan Musik Jakarta and has been teaching for 8 years. Her students range from youngster to elderly. 

Ms Maggie is available to teach piano and Mini Melody in Ensiklomusika Jakarta branches: Kemang, Pakubuwono, Terogong and Kuningan.


Ms. Jasmin


Mr. Roy

Student Relation

When you have any question about Ensiklomusika music program, you can always reach out to Mr Roy as your Student Relation. He is competent in his role and has proper knowledge about our program.


His experience in hospitality as well as his educational background in English education will make sure each student has high satisfaction rate

Stan Profile Pic.jpeg

Mr. Stan

Violin and Piano Teacher

As a patient and emphatic person, many students like Mr Stan as their teacher. His main instrument is violin but he also plays piano well.


Mr Stan is active in orchestras. He was chosen as Vice President of orchestra group in his college. He is active in his church, serving as a musician.

Mr. Stan is available for Ensiklomusika's violin and piano classes in all branches in Jakarta.


Ms. Angel

Vocal, Piano and Mini Melody Teacher

An outgoing and cheerful teacher, Ms Angel always has her students to enjoy the class, especially the young ones. She has been in creative industry and now she teaches vocal, piano and Mini Melody exclusively at Ensiklomusika! As her background, she holds a bachelorette music degree from Pelita Harapan University

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-09 at 5.49.31 PM.jpeg

Mr. Aulia

Piano Teacher

Mr Aulia is a friendly teacher for both children and adults. He is passionate about music with quite high dedication for what he does. In addition to grow as a great piano teacher, he completed ABRSM certification as well as being active and serving as musician in his church


Mr. Aulia is currently handling one to one classes at Ensiklomusika Kemang, Pakubuwono, Terogong and Kuningan.

Sekolah Musik Jakarta Selatan | Ensiklomusika Music School

Ms. Michelle

Vocal Teacher

Ms. Jasmin is an inspiring and motivating vocal coach. She obtained her Bachelor of Music, majoring in voice. She has been active in performing arts, such as musicals, vocal groups, and theatre.


Ms. Jasmin is a vocal coach at Ensiklomusika branches in Jakarta.

Piano Teacher

Ms. Michelle is a competent and skilful piano teacher. She is great with both young and adult students. 

Ms. Michelle has attained the Diploma in Music from Singapore Raffles Music College, and has also completed the

Foundation Degree in Music Performance course and graduated in 2017 with an Outstanding Academic Achievement Award. Furthermore, she has completed her Bachelor (Hons) in Music Performance course.


Ms. Tiwi

Piano Teacher

Ms. Pratiwi is a fun and inspiring piano teacher. She is loved by both children and adult!

Ms. Tiwi attained her skill in piano teaching from Yayasan Musik Semarang and through ABRSM exams. She also continually enriches herself with pedagogy courses. 

Classes with Ms. Tiwi is always fun!

Cinde profile pic.jpeg

Ms. Cinde

Piano, Vocal, and Mini Melody Teacher

Been loving music and singing since very young, Ms Cinde went to Vocational School majoring in Classical Music. She has been a piano teacher, vocal coach, and choir teacher in many places since 2017, and now she exclusively teaches at any Ensiklomusika branches, including Kemang, Pakubuwono, Kuningan and Terogong. Her friendly personality makes her gets along with young students easily.


Mr. Gio

Guitar and Drum Teacher

Besides being a friendly and fun teacher, Mr. Giofani is undoubtedly a professional musician. He joined many music festivals and won music competitions. He is also active in his church as a teacher and serving as a musician.


Ms. Monica

Vocal Teacher

Ms. Monica is a fun and nurturing vocal teacher. Graduated from one of the best music conservatory in Jakarta and working well with both adult and young children, Ms. Monica is one of our favourite teachers. She also enriches both her singing skill and teaching skill by joining masterclasses and workshops.


Ms. Monica is currently handling one to one classes at Ensiklomusika Kemang.


Mr. Jeremia

Piano Teacher

Mr Jeremia is a piano teacher who holds bachelor of music degree from Indonesian Institute of The Art, Yogyakarta. He has been teaching piano since 2013, with various background of students. Parallel to his passion in teaching, he is also into music composition and performance. Mr Jeremia is fun to chat with and learn from, which will make your class far from boring. He is available for any piano classes in Kemang, Pakubuwono, Terogong and Kuningan.

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-30 at 12.40.55.jpeg

Ms. Maria

Piano and Vocal Teacher

Ms Maria has graduated from State University of Jakarta, majoring in classical music, and now continue her study in Institute of Daya Music Indonesia, majoring in Jazz Improvisation. With that rich background in music, she would be a perfect fit for any students, both for children and adults. Besides teaching, she also serves her church and performs in many occasions. Ms Maria is now available for piano and vocal classes in Kemang branch.

fotoprofile aldi.jpg

Mr. Aldi

Violin and guitar teacher

Mr Aldi is a violin and guitar teacher. He is a professional, creative and patient teacher. He graduated from the Indonesian Institute of The Arts in Yogyakarta, Majoring on Music Education.

His teaching experience started in 2017, and he is actively teaching and improving his teaching and performing skill. With his cheerful and enthusiastic way of teaching, students enjoyed the class and thrived under his guidance. Additionally, he is also active in orchestra concerts and government arts events.

He currently teaches violin and guitar classes in all branches of Ensiklomusika Jakarta.

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