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Ensiklomusika Music School

Jakarta branch

+62 878-3115-6969



Kemang Timur Raya 71, South Jakarta


Jl. Sinabung 8, South Jakarta


Jl. Karet Sawah No.216

(inside KYZN)


Bali branch

+62 878-8819-9069



Jl. Sekuta No. 47 Sanur


Tamora Gallery

Jalan Pantai Berawa 99, Canggu


Jmbaran Hub

Jl. Karang Mas, Jimbaran

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About Rose Mystica,
Founder of Ensiklomusika School of Music

In 2012, Ensiklomusika Music School was founded by Rose Mystica, a harpist, pianist, and vocalist. With a vision to break through conventional music teaching methods, Rose founded a music school that prioritizes and values ​​music learning, more than ambitions for achievement and recognition. At Ensiklomusika, students not only learn to play music but also sharpen their soft skills.


Apart from that vision, Rose also creates a deeper selling point in Ensiklomusika by forming a music teaching team that is ready to teach international students, both in terms of teaching culture and language. This is evidenced by a large number of expatriate families in Jakarta, especially in South Jakarta, who entrust their children's music education to the Kemang branch of Ensiklomusika. After proving a success in Jakarta, Rose expanded his music school business to Bali, specifically in Sanur and Canggu, where international families also choose to trust Ensiklomusika as a provider of music courses.


As a musician, Rose studied music since she was eight and began writing songs when she was nine. Rose then continued her music studies and graduated from the UPH Conservatory of Music in Jakarta with a major in Music Education. This background became a strong foundation for Rose to design a music teaching method at the Ensiklomusika Music School.


In 2018, it started with curiosity, Rose then began to learn to play the harp. Her expertise in playing the harp has brought her to appear on the national and international scene, such as Bali, Singapore, Hungary, and Serbia. Her digital footprint can now be seen on her YouTube channel, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, and other song-streaming platforms.

In 2021, this young entrepreneur started releasing his music for the public to enjoy. Her latest release, Loved, was written to raise awareness about mental health. For now, Rose Mystica resides in Bali, Indonesia, the perfect place for her inspiration and artistic expression to flow. The musician continues to write songs and produce music, as well as leading her music school

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