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Bali Music Class Programs

Every one has their own dreams and preferences when it comes to music and we are here to guide you closer towards your dreams. This is why every student in Ensiklomusika is treated exclusively. Feel special with us!

  Mini Melody Group Class (1.5 to 3 years old)

Mini Melody class is designed for children between 1.5 to 3 years old, to give toddlers the best experience and stimulation of music and its elements as a strong foundation in music and dance. The vision of this class is to encourage children to seek, love and create beauty in life.

Lessons are presented via activities that are exciting for them, such as dancing, singing, storytelling with storybooks and plush toys, playing various instruments as "petting zoo", and even creating visual art. Children's imaginations will be stimulated, which is vital for their growth. One parent (or caretaker) is required to attend together with the toddler and actively follow the class.

Piano Class (3.5 years old to adulthood)

Learn music with more focus and result by taking intensive piano lessons. To reach their best potential, students joining this program are advised to possess their instrument to practice at home.

Piano Classes are offered in one to one setting for 3,5 years old to adulthood. Depending on the student’s age, we use different methods and books that fit for each age group.

When student is ready, piano examinations with ABRSM and Rock School are available for those who would like to pursue music further. These examinations provide certifications that are accepted worldwide.

Piano lesson

Little Mozart method is available for 3.5 - 6 years old. This method is a part of our piano program that is especially designed for younger starters. This enables them to learn piano in a fun environment, with two plushy toys: Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear. During the lesson, these younger starters will be learning piano through various exciting ways, such as musical games, doing piano workbook with colours, singing, and movement.

Vocal Class (4 years old and up)

Our vocal class provide professional training that includes vital techniques of singing. Students will be guided to sing with proper posture, accurate intonation, breathing technique, various voice placement, and expanding vocal range. The student will also explore vocal exercises, register balance, and power management.

All of these skills are important in singing despite the various genres of music. For younger students, we make sure that the teacher creates a fun teaching environment with children specified songs, including nursery rhymes and Disney songs.

Digital Music Making (9 years old and up)

Playing music isn’t limited to playing acoustic instruments. By joining Digital Music Making, you will be guided to create your own music digitally with introduction to DAW (Garage Band or Logic). This can be done via a MacBook and a controller, or with an iPad. This class surely give you more room to be creative rather than playing existing music on an instrument since there will be so many options in the DAW to explore with your teacher who will also help and guide you to create combinations of these options to make music digitally.

This Digital Music Making provides the fundamental of music production skill that is useful to compose music and songs that you hear on various music streaming platform, such as Spotify, Joox and Apple Music.  Some of our Digital Music Making students have released their singles with music videos that you can enjoy here.

Other Instrument Classes (6 years old and up)

Besides piano and vocal classes, Ensiklomusika Music School also provides other instrument classes, such as violin, guitar, drum, cello, ukulele, and flute. To join these classes, students have to possess their own instruments to be brought to the class. 

Owning an instrument is also very important to help students practice at home. All of these classes above are available to be done in a one-to-one setting, which enables students to learn privately with one teacher who’s an expert in their field. 

Music Theory Class (6 years old and up)

In some cases, learning music theory can be very beneficial, especially when a student is ready to dive deeper into music and also pursuing music examinations for the certifications. Some grades of the music exams require the candidates to pass a certain level of music theory examinations first. When a student is taking music theory class, they will learn the range music theory, including the compositional elements, such as tempo, rhythms, musical notes, chords, key signatures, intervals, scales, and more. In the higher grades, students are taught melody, harmony, form, tonal systems, tuning, and composition in the classical genre.

Lessons At Your Home

Some people prefer to have music lessons in the comfort of their home. Ensiklomusika Music School provides house call lessons so that you don’t have to deal with the commute, let alone the traffic. Our teachers are ready to come to your home in the selected areas. There will be a minimum of 60 minutes per visit and added house-call fee to appreciate our teacher’s time. To join our house call programs, students need to have their own instrument at home, including a keyboard if the student is taking vocal lessons. Ensiklomusika’s house call lessons are available only in certain areas of Bali. 

Instrument Purchase

t’s not a secret that attending music lessons once a week without practicing at home will barely get you anywhere. Most of the time, when a student has a lesson, Ensikomusika Teacher will give them notes and homework to practice at home before the next lesson. 

Practicing is a big part of a student’s music progress. Here in Ensiklomusika, your teacher and the management will be happy to give you recommendations on tools that you need to practice. Speak to our team to purchase a keyboard, digital piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, and many more in our shop.

Music teachers in Ensiklomusika are curated and they teach with passion and heart. Each teacher has been trained, both in music and teaching, to ensure your best experience in music learning.

Teachers Profile 


Ms. Feby

School Manager

Ms. Feby makes sure that you have a great experience with Ensiklomusika Bali.

Being both thorough and creative, she is responsible to lead the team, build partnerships, and develop the school. Understanding the value and what it takes to learn music, she also helps students in getting instruments needed  to practice at home.

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-15 at 17.50.51.jpg

Ms. Bella

Student Admission

Ms. Bella is your go to person when you have any question about our programs.


Helpful, thorough, and professional, she is always happy to help you regarding your first lesson, schedule, and piano rental. Ms. Bella is the expert in recommending classes that fit you.



Ms. Azizah

Student Relation

Ms. Azizah is your contact point when you need to reschedule your class or have any questions regarding our programs.


She manages of our teachers and students' schedules. With an English study background and solution focused attitude, she makes sure that each student has a high satisfaction rate.



Ms. Dian

Full Time Teacher

Ms Dian is a dedicated, lovable and creative music teacher.

She attained both her undergraduate and master degree in Music Education and Educational Management in Yogyakarta State University. She actively involved in orchestras, music and teaching workshop.


Ms Dian is currently handling Ensiklomusika's school partner, group classes, and one-to-one classes.


Ms. Cindy

Full Time Teacher

Ms. Cindy is a professional and patient teacher. She teaches guitar, piano and Mini Melody toddler class. With her background of music study in Satya Wacana Christian University, Ms. Cindy has a dedication in creating a conducive music learning experience for her students.


Ms. Cindy is currently teaching one to one and group classes at Ensiklomusika Canggu and Sanur.


Ms. Sarah

Full Time Teacher

Ms Sarah is a creative and dedicated teacher. She is great with both adult and younger students.


Equipped with experience in teaching piano and vocal in the Philippines and Thailand, 

Ms. Sarah is your go to person when you'd like to improve your singing and piano.


Ms Sarah is currently handling Ensiklomusika's one to one classes.


Sekolah Musik Jakarta Selatan | Ensiklomusika Music School

Mr. Kenny

Full Time Teacher

Mr Kenny is a patient and dedicated guitar teacher. He wrote his own guitar method books that you can find at the local bookstore!


He attained his Bachelor of Music in Jogjakarta, then Master of Music in Solo, Indonesia. 


Mr Kenny is currently handling one to one classes at Ensiklomusika



Mr. Jesse

Full Time Teacher

Mr. Jesse is a creative and inspiring piano teacher. He studied at Universitat Hamburg in Germany. His 8 years of piano teaching experience makes him a great teacher.


Mr. Jesse is currently teaching one to one piano class at Ensiklomusika Canggu and Sanur.


Ms. Grace

Full Time Teacher

Ms. Grace is a full time teacher for Vocal, Piano, and Music for Early Education Class.

Ms. Grace is a dedicated and creative music teacher. With her study background in the Indonesian Art Institute in Bali, Ms. Grace teaches her students, especially the younger ones, in a fun environment. 


She is currently handling both one to one and group classes in Ensiklomusika  Canggu.



Ms. Lianna

Violin Teacher

Ms Lianna is a patient and nurturing violin teacher. She graduated from Nanyang Academy in Singapore. With her Diploma of music teaching and her experience working with younger children in Singapore, Ms Lianna teaches her students with passion and patience. 


She is currently teaching one to one violin class at Ensiklomusika Canggu


Mr. Indra

Full Time Teacher

Mr. Indra is a professional, dedicated, and painstaking teacher. He does great with both adult and children.


Equipped with a Piano Performance degree from a high-quality conservatory in Jakarta, he is surely one of the students' inspiration.


Mr Indra  is currently handling one to one classes at Ensiklomusika.


Mr. Yunsen

Drum and Guitar Teacher

Mr. Yunsen is a professional and patient teacher. He attained his grade 8 ABRSM certification when he was 19, then he went to Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore to finish his music student in 3 years. Before going back to Indonesia, he was active in music teaching in Singapore.


Mr. Yunsen is currently teaching one to one classes at Ensiklomusika Canggu, Sanur, and Jimbaran.


Mr. Windu

Digital Music Making Teacher

Mr Windu has been involved in professional music since 1999, often taking part in recording sessions, as well as being involved as a session player on Navicula's releases, Dialog Dini Hari, Nostress, Soul & Kith etc. Had received 3 nominations at the 2019 Bali Music Award for Best Album, Best Band, and Best Music Arranger. Through his songwriting method, Windu also became a resource person in songwriting workshops at the Telkomsel student community, Udayana University, Antida Studio, and Bali Digifest 2022.

Here are a few works of Mr. Windu's student at Ensiklomusika:


Mr. Krisna

Piano and Guitar teacher

Mr Krisna is a professional, loveable and patient teacher. He teaches piano and guitar classes. He graduated from the Indonesian Institute of The Arts in Yogyakarta, majoring on Music Composition.

He has been involved in music in the last 5 years. His experience as a music composer makes him an innovative and creative teacher. Mr Krisna is popular among his students.

He currently teaches guitar and piano classes at the Ensiklomusika in all Bali branches

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 16.03.40.png

Mr. Gia

Piano Teacher

Mr. Gia is a fun and inspiring music teacher.


He attained his Bachelor of Music in 2015 and has been teaching since then. He has a passion for teaching pop music and he is great both with children and adult students. Besides teaching, Mr. Gia also plays in weddings and events.


Mr. Gia is currently handling Ensiklomusika's one-to-one classes.

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