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Choosing the Right Musical Instruments for Your Child's First Music Lesson

our little one is ready to learn music, and it is a super exciting decision for both of you. I have previously written about the benefits of music to both children and adults and how it can help enhance our brain functionality and intelligence regardless of age. Hence, this decision to move forward will be super valuable for your child's future!

Let's start with getting to know yourself a little bit. When you have no musical experience as a parent, deciding which instrument for your child can be a little daunting. No worries, though, I have witnessed many parents like this, and this article exists to help. Our team in Ensiklomusika Music School can turn your scary experience into a rewarding and fun one. Meanwhile, do you know that the musical parents would encourage their children to play the first instrument they played as a child?

Which one of the two are you?

Age is the first step.

Either way, I think the initial stage to analyse is your child's age. Identifying your child's age is one of the most foundational metrics when picking an instrument. Often, parents wonder about the right age to join their children's first music classes; however, a study notes that musical recognition capability begins even in infancy. Early exposure to both babies and toddlers will encourage acquisition of languages, rhythms, and memorization! However, this goodness is not applicable if their first instrument was not suitable to them.

Based on my experience, it is usually best to get them started with classical/traditional instruments due to its size and initial learning stage. Children below the school-age typically require your help when deciding on an instrument, and piano or violin music lessons will be the perfect choice for them. The simplicity of the musical instruments can help them to concentrate and master the basics and sounds. The piano is relatively friendly for music students across ages, as they can sit and explore the different notes each key entails. It is also a visual representation of music, which can be helpful for your child's visual and motor skills. Meanwhile, the violin is as friendly because they come in diverse sizes, which brings me to the next point. It has no frets or keys, which will help your children's concentration on the sound of the instruments. As a result, your child will learn to play in tune and identify different pitches quite easily.

Size matters.

As I mentioned above, when your child is small in size, it is best to pick small-sized musical instruments to ease their music lessons. For a bigger-sized instrument, I recommend you to select the piano/organ as they most probably don't have to lift them when playing. It is not recommendable for children younger than eight to start playing the saxophone, guitar, and clarinet. The size, complexity of sound, and different playing instruments can be challenging to even adults. These characters can be somewhat discouraging for your child because as they are young, tiny and quick successes will keep them on track from being your little prodigy. Though not recommendable, if your child seems persistent towards learning these instruments, I believe the only best thing to do is to support them!

Remember to consider these parameters before buying an instrument for your child:

  1. Height

  2. Muscle development

  3. Motor skills

  4. Ability to listen and follow instructions

  5. Dental development - this is to identify if a wind instrument is suitable for them.

  6. Lungs development and breathing capability

If they still cannot find the right instruments suitable to their age, body size, and liking, why not try vocal lessons? The vocal cord is a naturally given musical instrument, which I think is super cool!

Getting to know your child

This is the next step I believe you cannot miss. As a parent for your child, I am sure you have known your child inside out and how their temperaments are. I have compiled some of the questions worth asking yourself by observing your child, for instance:

  1. How patient is your child?

    1. As I mentioned above, some instruments bestow tiny and little successes to help satisfy your child.

  2. Is your child quiet or excited?

    1. The quiet ones will probably prefer the piano when the exciting children will pick a drum set. Which one is yours?

  3. Does an instrument they can sing along with exciting them?

    1. This situation will resort to the piano, and later when they are older, a guitar!

  4. Is your child an introvert or extrovert?

    1. Some sociable children will prefer instruments they can play within a band when the quieter ones like going solo. Either way, it is still okay to encourage them!

How much should you spend?

Money matters are obviously super important for most parents. I understand that because you do not want to spend a fortune on an instrument your child will avoid after a couple of months. Let's take the maintenance costs into account, such as piano tuning, cleaning products, strings replacement, music class, music books, and many more.

I have encountered some of our parents who refused to buy musical instruments at all until their child reaches a certain age. I don't think this is feasible because consistent practices are imperative for your child's musical growth, as I have previously written. Hence, my advice is to avoid spending a fortune on your child's first instrument. At this point of time, only time will tell if they will stick with it for long!

With years of experience, the team in Ensiklomusika Music School understands your particular budget and needs in musical instruments. We provide a range of musical instruments for sale across all our branches in Bali and Jakarta, and I promise, it will not cost you a fortune!

Ensiklomusika Music School also accommodates your location! In Jakarta, you can find us in the bustling Kemang, at 71, Kemang Timur Raya in South Jakarta, where we don’t only sell, but we also rent out our piano for you guys who are doubtful in getting this gentle giant! Inquire with us here. Meanwhile, in Bali, you can easily discover us in three friendly locations around the main areas! In Canggu, we are located at the ground floor of Tamora Gallery, in Sanur, we are at 9, Bypass Ngurah Rai, and in Ubud, we are in Nyuh Bojog Street, behind Current Restaurant.

Oh for the Bali Southerners, we have just arrived for your convenience; we are opening a new branch later in mid August in Jimbaran! Other than selling conducting awesome classes and helping you with affordable instruments, Ensiklomusika Music School will also offer pre-sale for music courses throughout the entire July, where a student will enjoy IDR 350,000 off their lesson. Other than that, we will also give out free trial classes for students who are still finding their footing in learning music. Do you know where to find us? We are in Sidewalk Mall Jimbaran at 138A, Jalan Raya Uluwatu, Jimbaran.

Curious? Find out more by speaking to us here!

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