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Five Minutes with Rose Mystica, the Founder of Ensiklomusika Music School

It all started when I was five.

It was a curiosity about musical instruments and how they could tune up a beautiful melody. The interest pushed me to learn the keyboard when I was eight, then soon developed to be a public performance and songwriting.

I continued playing the piano, and then during one practicing day when I was 15, the neighbor knocked on my door. She asked if I could teach her five-year-old the piano as well. I didn't think twice; I right away confirmed the days. I was excited to have my first student. Hence I taught her everything I knew at that time. That was more than ten years ago, and to this day, she still plays the piano. She says playing the piano calms her down. It feels like my hard work has paid off.

My first student has subconsciously helped build my runway to teaching and the formation of Ensiklomusika Music School today. In the beginning, I planned to teach music and instruments, yet it had developed into something bigger; it has turned into an educational institution.

Ensiklomusika Music School is now an educational institution that educates both students and parents to appreciate the process of learning music, instead of focusing solely on musical ability. It is a platform that signifies holistic education through music; the importance of soft skills gained in learning music. Most importantly, it has become a foundation for my teachers and me to learn the skills needed to educate them.

The incorrect mindset to approach music

It all began when I noticed a commonality among my students. I saw a pattern of unhealthy ambitions and unbelievable pressure towards students from their parents. Further, there is a false expectation in music genres, with a particular preference for reputation. Students would not be able to optimize their learning curve under these circumstances.

I wanted to help my students further, and decided to create a school to educate both parents and students in music. That had therefore pushed me to establish the first Ensiklomusika Music School in Jakarta back in 2012.

I wanted both my students and their parents to learn and appreciate the process of studying music. The process of studying music is essential for one's motor skills, memory, and mental health. The process of learning music helps one to know themselves. The result will come later, and I want Ensiklomusika Music School to portray that message, through my unique teaching methods.

This influenced the name itself. Ensiklomusika Music School is a portmanteau of encyclopedia and music. It combines the education process, the theory of music, and the execution of playing musical instruments. In my dictionary, Ensiklomusika Music School describes a holistic music education. It encourages student-centered learning, which focuses on building the student's character - patience, hard work, appreciation, and consistency. The result of musical ability is rather complementary; it will take care of itself.

A 360 degree, wholesome education

I constantly try to shape the educators of Ensiklomusika Music School to be versatile, adaptive teachers. I also encourage them to be international teachers, capable of handling students from all over the world. The Ensiklomusika Music School team and I have customized the market to international residents of Indonesia for a holistic education environment, making us fluent in English. So far, Ensiklomusika Music School is the only music school in Indonesia that focuses on the expatriate, followed by the national markets.The school also services musical instruments rental for long-term, temporary expatriates living in Indonesia. We have developed a holistic solution where our customers can rent a piano and then have home-based music lessons with Ensiklomusika Music School teachers.

Ensiklomusika Music School concentrates on music for early and primary education as we work to improve their soft skills. I try to shape Ensiklomusika Music School and the educators to collaborate with parents in building the right mindset towards learning music, and onto their children. Ensiklomusika Music School is highly particular about shaping the right youth for a global future.

The school also tries to enforce the same mentality onto our adult students. In my personal experience as a musician, learning music as an adult is therapeutic. Most of Ensiklomusika Music School's adult graduates admitted to seeing self-progression with their music lessons, where they discover newfound confidence and reignite self-belief. The teaching process is different from children, where we use toys, physical movements, storytelling, and other learning collateral to their abstract thinking routes. This does not apply to adults, where they have to shape the mentality themselves; to enjoy the learning process and eventual ability gained.

When students go through the ABRSM or Rockschool examination, Ensiklomusika Music School wants to ensure both students and parents have understood the process of learning music. The process requires time, effort, patience, consistency in practices, and eventually, it does both musical prowess and life skills.

My younger self's vision is to create an educational experience for Indonesia and the world, and Ensiklomusika Music School has realized it. It is to disrupt conventional thoughts and music teaching methods. My Ensiklomusika Music School team and I have built the school to be a holistic institution.

Ensiklomusika Music School is a musical education experience.

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