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How Environmental Stimuli Affects Your Little One's Music Education

When we are learning, our environmental surroundings play a significant role in how we conduct ourselves. It affects our mood and behaviour, which directly affects the way we optimize our activities respectively. According to research, sensory input from our surrounding environment plays a crucial role in our emotions and attitudes. Vibrant multisensory environments highly diffuse our lives, for instance, sound, smell, colours, even people's emotions. Combining all these supports our sensory and cognitive functions will bear action consequences in our lives, for instance, behavioural responses and decision-making skills.

I have written previously about the importance of parental roles in your children's musical education. Early socialization and parental roles at home, in this topic, have transformed themselves to be one of the environmental stimuli, which can influence a child's decision-making skill in their education, including music. Children perceive these stimuli through their senses and the primary sensory area in their brains automatically, without conscious intervention or interpretation, also known as the lower order process. The brain parts affected here are the primary structures; the lower brainstem networks, diverse limbic structures (amygdala's interaction with the hippocampus), and the basal ganglia. These parts of our children's brains get catalyzed for specific reactions in response to environmental stimuli. In other words, the environment in which your children grow up will help shape their personalities, upbringings, and educational decisions.

The areas of psychology that relate most directly to this are classroom design and learning atmosphere, which are included in environmental, educational, human factors/engineering, and social psychology. Most conventional classrooms have been tailored to accommodate the most optimum learning environment, which comes from the light, temperature, and noise. Other variables come from the often complex, subtle, and surprising interplay between students and their environment. As mentioned above, the impact of environmental parameters is apparent on thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. They are the indirect results of the learning environment and will affect different physical settings, which are often dependable on the nature of the tasks and students. For instance, older adults get distracted by noises, and it is apparent in their slow reaction time and degrades performances much worse than younger adults. This case has a similar impact on introverts versus extroverts, respectively.

The environment in which a child learns about new things for both intelligence and emotion is exceptionally crucial. As an educator myself, I realized the importance of atmospheric impact in education, therefore each classroom in Ensiklomusika Music School to be as private, bright, and supportive as possible - as a way to optimize private music lessons. Additionally, I built Ensiklomusika Music School campuses in relaxed, as well as family and children-friendly. The surrounding areas of two of our schools with the most registered students, Kemang in Jakarta and Canggu in Bali, are situated in the most wholesome family places.

I selected these places because I also encourage parents to be wholly involved in their children's private music lessons in Ensiklomusika Music School. As I mentioned above, your involvement in your children's music education can catalyze a positive and disruptive change in your children's education. In exceptional cases, I even ask some parents to come into the classroom to analyze their children's performance, though I usually give full autonomy to the teachers. When class ends, I also encourage you, as parents, to wait for your children until classes end. Because you need to communicate with the teachers in terms of homework, progressions, and other aspects to optimize your little one's learning.

For this reason, I have built partnerships with surrounding restaurants in both Kemang and Canggu, so that you can wait for your little ones comfortably while they are in the music class. The partnership mainly gives discounts for the parents of students and the students of Ensiklomusika Music School.

Remember, your role as a parent plus the environmental stimuli around Ensiklomusika Music School's campuses are imperative for your children's education. As for you, imagine sipping a cup of coffee with a side of scones while waiting for the little one - how relaxing is that?

What are the restaurants? Let’s check them out!



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