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Is It True that the Piano is the Easiest Instrument to Learn?

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

You probably heard from several sources that once you can play the piano, you can play any other instrument. Or something along that line! The question is: is that true?

Piano lesson

The answer is yes and no.

We agree that the piano is the most suitable instrument to be learned first, before learning other instruments. Compared to other instruments, the piano is the easiest to play. We are not talking about mastering the piano. But making a good sound is relatively easier than making a good sound in other instruments.

For example, to be able to make one good note in violin on an open string, one has to have good a control of direction and pressure of the bow on the string. And when you want to play a different note, the left hand has to press a string on an exact location. Slipping a few millimeters away will cause an off-pitch. Not to mention the blisters that you get from playing the violin.

Another example is to play flute, saxophone and any other woodwind, one needs to practice breath power and certain lips position to make any sound.

Meanwhile, to make a good sound on the piano, you just need to press the key. Assuming the piano is tuned, you will not be off-pitch. Piano and its variations, along with guitar and harp, is also one of the instruments that can create both harmony and melody.

This means learning piano will definitely help you to build your sense of harmony and music in a whole picture.

Therefore, in this sense, it’s much easier to start the musical journey from learning the piano, especially for children.

This doesn’t mean that one should learn piano solely nor one should not put other instruments into consideration. All instruments are beautiful with their own unique characteristic. However, from this post, we hope to give you more thoughts if you are considering starting music lessons.

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