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It's Not Always About the Skills, but the Mindsets

Last week, I talked about the fundamental steps and techniques you need to be able to play the guitar. Today, I will walk us through further to the right mindsets in approaching the guitar, or in this case, any musical instrument.

Techniques are not something that comes naturally to guitarists. It requires repetition and muscle memory, and the skills will develop over time. Guitar practice is a mix of techniques, where you get your fingers to perform how you want, and theory, where you figure out where your fingers go and why.

In other words, you need to practice consistently. With consistent dedication and practice, you can learn to play any guitar. The best guitar players in the world still need to keep practicing though- even those using newer models of guitars as there will always be new ones coming out with better features!

The three Cs

Having the correct mindset is important in playing the guitar - on any musical instrument. To master the guitar, you would want to have and implement strong and optimistic mindsets, so you can develop confidence and the skill itself.

The right mindset influences the way you approach the instrument, and it also supports the skills development itself. You will have the correct and positive self-perception, attitude, and sentiment towards the guitar, hence a faster and more satisfying learning process!

The first C here is consistency. Tom Morello, an American guitarist who has been in the industry for more than 20 years, believes that one can become a better guitarist with practicing more than one hour a day. Focus on growing bits by bits, and focus on different things during each practice.

Commitment is the second key. Committing to learning the guitar does not mean you quit when it gets hard. Though it gets frustrated at the beginning when progress does not seem to occur, you need to be patient and commit to regular practices. Ask your tutor for support when you need it.

The last C here is creativity. Do you know Carlos Santana? He is famous to practice in the dark so that his fingers could find and experience new possibilities to learn the guitar by touch. How cool is that? Get creative with the way you practice to heighten your creativity.

Take your time, enjoy the process

As mentioned, there are certain things every aspiring guitar player needs before they start: practice, patience, dedication, comprehension skills, and creativity. You cannot rush your process, and you need to love your guitar and music to be able to master it.

Enjoy the process, and learn at your own pace. You will soon realize that the longer you spend understanding how the guitar works, you will most likely discover ways to master it - in your own style and way.

It will get frustrating at some points while it seems you are not making progress, or you keep on making the same mistakes over and over again. Trust me, it is not, and you are making progress!

Additionally, it is completely normal to wish to play your favorite music and artists when you are just starting out. It was them who catalyzed and motivated you to pick up the guitar and invest the time and money to learn it anyways.

However, studying riffs and solos can only get you so far, you need the correct methods, techniques, and mindsets to master the guitar. Remember, an original artist does not imitate others, you will instead transcend them.

One day, you will become even better than your favorite artists!

That’s all for the guitar series! I hope you guys enjoy it, and you can learn a thing or two from it.

Do you have any questions or comments? Let us know in the comment section below!

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