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Letter to the Mums from Ensiklomusika Music School

Dear Mums,

Happy Mother's Day from us in Ensiklomusika Music School! Thank you for choosing the noblest profession in the entire universe!

Being a mother is one of the most challenging jobs in the world, and you are definitely the chosen one to have picked this path. You have grown the world and filled it with intelligent individuals, and we are so grateful for you.

As a mother, you are instrumental to yourself and the people around you. Your work is endless and that important, you sometimes lose track of your own self. And that’s not good, a healthy mama makes a happy mama. It means, you may need more self-care time than you think. I am sure you know that music can help you de-stress, however, this Mother’s Day, I’d like to offer a different choice to your normal music listening day. I’d like to offer an alternate reality; what if you’re the one playing the musical instrument? It is still possible!

Music education is not only for children, you can also do it as an adult. Don’t believe that myth, in which it says that your cognitive connections have been finalized hence you cannot learn music. It is totally false, because your life experiences as an adult can help you in learning music here. It is true that it is easier for cognitive functions to forge new paths during childhood, however, your brain will compile both life experiences and new learning - in this case, music, then speed up the process. Music stimulates every part of the brain, especially those associated with memories. In other words, both memory and music have the power to heal your emotions and improve brain activities. Additionally, new learnings will always - yes I can assure this, spark one’s confidence and self-growth. Yes, mummy, it is that cool!

Do you know what it does to your children? For the little ones, it is easier for the cognitive functions to forge new paths to new learnings, but still, does not mean that music education is reserved for children! Yet for them, music education goes larger than playing an instrument, as every music lesson encourages your children to collectively produce a beautiful concert. In other words, being in a music school trains your child to be more capable in patience, communication, teamwork, and critical thinking. It also gives them a form of self-expression, self-confidence, and stress management assistance.

Imagine if you and your little one can play the piano together. You will find a way to grow yourself, improve your mood, enhance your brain function, while still having fun with your little ones! Practicing together encourages growth towards each other, as well as enhancing your relationship with your child. I am sure you would want that for your children. Also, noting your already-awesome side, you play an important role in your child’s cognitive behaviors and dissonances, such as achievements, attitudes, and learnings. It means, not only you can get to show off your supermama-ness, you will also subconsciously help develop their intellectual and emotional intelligence. Extra mama point there, see?

Have you ever heard of another myth that says that it is too hard to become a musical beginner as an adult compared to a child? This is completely incorrect, because based on my experience as a music educator, adult learning is often more productive than being made to learn to play music as a child. As an adult, you have selected your preferred musical instrument, arrange milestones, set up a target, and of course, you have developed the self-discipline of an adult to stay throughout the course.

You may say that an hour of music lesson does not fit into your busy schedule, but I must digress. It is sensible, but you have to know that playing music has various health benefits to both mental and physical. It increases your mental focus, improves your sleeping pattern, releases dopamines, hence it is the ultimate stress-releaser! I can guarantee this one, as my first student when I was 16 ( she was five then), still enjoys playing the piano nowadays. She said that it helps her focus, and calms her down when she is unsettled. I have just found a way for you to reconcile with your children after an argument - piano to the rescue!

Once again, Happy Mother's Day! Hopefully, you get all the pretty things you have ever wanted, for instance, manicure, hair day, shopping, and even a trial piano lesson with Ensiklomusika Music School. Oh, do you also know that we are giving away IDR150,000 off the total bill, applicable to ALL the mothers of our Ensiklomusika Music School's students? Curious? Inquire within. Do you have any other questions? Don't hesitate to seek our help.

Let’s grow ourselves together!

With love,

Rose Mystica

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