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The Great Indonesia and W.R. Supratman

Are you aware that the month of August has special significance for Indonesians?

Indonesia marks the anniversary of its independence on August 17 every year. The day, which is also known as the Seventeenth, honors the sacrifices and struggles of battle heroes, as well as their victory over the colonies. For Indonesians, an ordinary Independence Day is joyful and vibrant. Flag hoistings, neighborhood games, and patriotic and cultural carnivals are all part of the festivities. The president and other dignitaries will raise the Indonesian flag from the Merdeka Palace in Jakarta, the country's capital.

Despite the fact that the ceremony will be broadcast live on every national channel, many Indonesians will be able to hear their national song, Indonesia Raya - Great Indonesia, played proudly in the ceremony. The lyrics encourage all Indonesians to respect their homeland and to remember to enjoy it. The spirit of the song reflects the era in which it was written, during Dutch colonization, and I believe it is still relevant today. The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the country's scenery and people, in my opinion. The country and Indonesians are now stronger in the face of the pandemic, which is particularly fitting given the year's theme, Tough Indonesia, Growing Indonesia. I believe the theme and anthem will dance in perfect rhythm with the song!

The history of Indonesia Raya and W. R. Supratman

Wage W. R. Supratman, more famously known as Rudolf Supratman, was the composer and writer of Indonesia Raya and other Indonesian national songs. For his artistic contribution to the country, he was named a national hero.

W. R. Supratman played Indonesia Raya on his violin for the first time in 1928, on Indonesia's Youth Pledge Day. This song, along with the others he composed, had a significant impact on the war heroes of the time, inspiring them to fight for the country's independence. As a journalist for a Chinese-Malay newspaper called Sin Po at the time, he had a wealth of knowledge about Soekarno and his organization's quest for independence. Soekarno was Indonesia's first president, and he was responsible for the country's independence from colonialism. Not only had the protracted interaction conditioned him to be better at his job, but it had also inspired him to write Indonesia Raya!

W.R. Supratman’s exposure to music

W. R. Supratman was introduced to music at a young age. His Dutch/Indonesian brother-in-law exposed him to music while he was a pre-teenager, around 11 years old. At the age of 17, he received his first violin as a birthday present, which he continued to play and eventually had a role in the creation of Indonesia Raya. He was living in South Sulawesi at the time, where he educated, worked, and developed while also honing his musical skills. Yes, even a famous musician needs to practice every day! Also, did you know that he and his brother-in-law formed the Black and White jazz band? His musical resume has left a lasting impression on me, seriously!

He came to independent papers maintained by small movement organizations while working as a clerk in a lawyer's office. These were the organizations that held meetings and movements on a regular basis in order to obtain independence from the Dutch colony. Reading these papers ignited his nationalistic spirit, putting his brother-in-family law in jeopardy. The brother-in-law was a military man who lived in the Dutch complex, in which W.R. Supratman was well aware of the consequences of his patriotic zeal for their family. It prompted his relocation to Java, where he began participating in political movements, writing for newspapers, and creating national songs. He also spent a lot of time with members of the movement. He also spent a lot of time with members of the movements, including Soekarno himself. His ability to compose lovely melodies combined with his literary talent resulted in songs and anthems that could inspire people. W. R. Supratman continues to impress me much!

As a musician and educator, I can't stress enough how important it is for children - and even adults - to play music. I've frequently reminded you guys in prior blogs to never quit practicing the musical instrument of your choice. It not only makes you look cool in front of all your buddies (haha), but it also has a positive, long-term influence on your brain growth!

Do you know that listening to music on a regular basis improves your brain's ability to learn new languages and, as a result, improves your emotional intelligence?

I absolutely support your ambition, especially during such a major event as Independence Day, therefore I'm hosting a small competition for you and your friends.

Stand a chance to win IDR650,000 by participating in our Independence Day competition.

  1. Follow @ensiklomusika and @ensiklomusikabali on Instagram.

  2. Post a video of you playing or singing an Indonesian traditional or national song on Instagram. You can include your teacher, sibling, or parent in your video.

  3. Write a creative caption stating that you are participating in Ensiklomusika Music School’s Independence Day competition.

  4. Make sure your profile is public

  5. Tag us @ensiklomusika, @ensiklomusikabali, and three of your close friends.

  6. The deadline closes on August 29, 2021.

Will you be the one who fights for your rights and independence to blast your music to the world? I am looking forward to your entries! Good luck!

Any questions? Buzz us here.

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