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Do you know that 80% of yearly resolutions drop in February?

Updated: May 14, 2021

You’ve set your 2021 resolution! CONGRATULATIONS!

Perhaps you’ve written it down, you’ve put it on the wall, and you’ve shared it with your family to keep yourself accountable. But do you know that 80% of yearly resolutions drop in February?

Here's some tips to prevent that.

Put Time Into Planning

Consistency is the key! Setting a clear schedule to act on your resolution will ensure your success in reaching your goal. In Ensiklomusika, our student admission is ready to help you with consistency by inputting your weekly classes to your Google Calendar. They will also send a reminder of your class attendance.

Start with Small Steps

Keeping a journal will help you understand how you progress. Each long journey starts with a small step. In Ensiklomusika, your music teachers will write progress notebook and reports. You will also receive video of your learning process every five weeks.

Appreciate Your Progress

Nothing is built overnight. Count your progress, even the little ones! When things get more difficult than usual, don’t give up! Remember that you’re not stuck. You’re growing, learning, and you’re preparing to bloom!

Share With Others

It is proven that when you share your goals with others, you keep yourself accountable, and you have more chance to finish your goals. Don’t hesitate to record yourself while practicing and tag us on Instagram.

Get a mentor

It’s always an option to self-taught, but having a mentor will definitely make your learning goals clearer. By having a teacher, it’s easier to keep you back on track when you make mistakes. If one of your 2021 resolutions is to learn music, contact us to get you connected with great music teachers.

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