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Is it too late for adults to start learning piano?

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Since the first year of our operation in 2012, we received so many inquiries from adults about starting a music lesson. However these inquiries often come with a hint of hesitation and shame with the fact that they want to start a music lesson as an adult.

This hesitation and shame didn’t come from nowhere, though. They probably hear from multiple sources that it’s too late for them to start piano lessons, and it would be impossible for them to play any music on the piano.

Ms. Joyce proved it wrong. This video was taken just 3 WEEKS after she started her first lesson at Ensiklomusika. She didn’t have any music background before the first lesson with us. Ms. Joyce actually enrolled herself in the piano lesson after seeing her daughter learning piano as well with us.

What does it take to successfully learn piano as an adult?

Daily Practice

Ms. Joyce takes practice seriously and she commits to review her lessons daily. She understands that learning with a teacher once a week doesn’t result in much progress. Once she joined the piano lesson, she also joined the piano rental program at Ensiklomusika Jakarta to practice at home.


Your cognitive moves faster than a child's. This might even mean that your thinking process goes faster than your physical process. Some adults might feel that their fingers don’t follow their brain :D but patience is the key. Be patient with yourself. Know that this frustration is not going to last. The more you practice, the less frustrating it will be. You’d be surprise at how much you can accomplish when you set your mind to it

Communicate with your teacher

Let your teacher know what you need help with. Good music teachers will help you to find solutions to your questions and support you in your musical journey.

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