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The Importance of Trial Classes

If today was your first day ever arriving at Ensiklomusika Music School, your trial class would be cheaper than your subsequent classes. I purposely designed it that way so each of my students gets the liberty to explore and learn about the most suitable music class for them.

The music lesson is one thing, but you must also decide if your music lesson is a good match for you and will result in a long-term commitment. In my opinion, students deserve the space and opportunity to examine their whole environment so that they can observe if it will pique their attention for long enough for them, to finally receive a return on their investment.

The importance of trial classes

Learning a musical instrument is a long-term commitment, and you need the right mindset to approach it. As I said before, techniques are not something that comes naturally to a professional musician; they require repetition and muscle memory, and eventually, skills will develop over time.

The correct mentality determines how you build your skills over time, whether it is for a specific goal, performance purposes, or personal development. This means, moreover, not quitting when things get hard. It does get frustrating in the beginning when progress does not seem to appear, but you need to be patient and commit to regular practice.

You need to consistently practice. In other words, you need dedication and practice to master any musical instrument. You can even ask your instructor for moral support when you need it, and this is how the trial class will help.

The trial class will help you understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to studying music, and your instructor must learn about you and your learning style to customize and optimize learning.

Hence, meeting your music instructor and getting a sense of their teaching tactics and tools is one of the key advantages of a trial class. This introduction will take place during the trial session, and you will also receive advice on which musical instrument to buy or rent based on your body size and budget.

What about Ensiklomusika Music School's trial class?

The most important part of the trial lesson is the consultation. Every student is different, and the consultation gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself, your instructor, and both of your goals. Because each student has a unique learning style and enrolls in courses for a variety of reasons, not every student will fit into one mold. During the meeting, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions about Ensiklomusika Music School—literally any questions about our school!

After consultation, you will also get a taste of the lesson itself. At this stage, a student needs to understand their own goal in learning music, their teacher’s expectations, and pathways to optimize their learning. Usually, the lesson is given by your future teacher, or sometimes by me.

We will also give a little tour of our school, where we will introduce you to the lesson rooms, waiting areas, and other rooms we have in our school. Here, we will talk about your schedule and the ideal day and time for both parties. This is a good time to address any possible issues students may have with their schedules.

Typically, Ensiklomusika Music School’s potential students will decide at the end of the trial class. Sometimes, they also need to think about it before going through with signing up for the class, keeping the knowledge about our school in mind.

Learning the right musical instrument is crucial for your personal growth as it can also positively affect your academic improvement. Hence, the trial class is crucial to help you determine your style and favorite instrument, so that your music education is eventually optimized.

Which one do you want to learn for your trial class at Ensiklomusika Music School? Guitar? Piano? Violin? Let us know in the comment section below!

Are you interested in trying out our trial class? Contact us here! Our experienced team will definitely get back to you as soon as possible!

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