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The Power of Music for Your Peace of Mind

I have been talking about the importance of music in stress reduction in my other articles, but I have not broken down the details. With my years of experience in teaching music, the effect of music is profound to myself, the entire Ensiklomusika Music School team, and most importantly, our dear students. We don’t only manage to educate our students about the music and all the benefits of it, but we also get to have fun with them.

I wrote here before on how music can reinforce focus during studying and working, yet, I will discuss how music can calm your nerves when stressed.

Remember my first student, who still plays the piano until now? I was 16 years old when I taught her first private music lesson; she was five years old. She admits that piano helps calm her nerves when she feels unsettled. As for me, when asked about the importance of music in my life, I can prove that music has a significant, positive impact on both my emotions and physique.

I am not only talking about when I listen to music but also when I play music. Upbeat music makes me feel happier and optimistic about my life. A faster tempo helps me focus, while slower music quiets my mind and relaxes my muscles. The right kind of music helps me to release my stress and improves my stress management, which is important for me as an educator.

The brainwaves

Now, everyone knows they need to manage their stress. Various specialists have suggested different ways to resolve anxieties, including exercising, reading, taking short breaks in Pomodoro techniques, and many other ways. But for me, music still helps the best, and I believe similarly to everyone as well. It starts from something as simple as making a playlist of the ten most relaxing tunes on Earth and dwells in it as you are facing your stresses. This method counts as sound therapy, and for centuries, indigenous cultures have been using music to enhance their mental wellbeing and even physical health conditions.

Research has confirmed these experiences with music. Music with 60 beats per minute (bpm) causes the human brain to synchronize with the beat and triggers the production of alpha brain waves, whose frequencies range from eight to 14 Hertz or cycle per second.

Alpha brain waves are present when we are all relaxed and conscious.

Another Stanford University research notes that listening to music seems to change how the brain functions to the same extent as medication.

What type of music reduces stress the best?

U.K.-based neuroscientists have conducted research, which suggests music can deliver your mind to a total state of relaxation in spite of existing pressure. The study was conducted on participants to solve highly challenging puzzles as quickly as possible, and the challenges had undeniably triggered a certain level of stress. While trying to solve it, participants listened to different songs to enable the researcher’s measurement of brain activities and physiological states, including heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate. The research concluded that participants were the most relaxed while listening to Weightless, which resulted in 65% of anxiety reduction and a 35% reduction in their usual physiological resting rates. How awesome!

For me, I relax the most while playing and listening to jazz and classical music. Sometimes, Headspace and nature - like rain, thunder, and water flow work wonders for my mind relaxation. Yet historically, the Native American, Celtic, and Indian stringed instruments, drums, and flutes have been proven to be significantly effective in mind relaxation, even when played loudly. The rarity of beats per minute in these sounds is one of the main reasons they are great for your peace of mind, but it is all up to you again. Even if you can even listen to the nothingness for relaxation, I am all to support you!

What do you think is your favorite music to relax? And what is the instrument involved behind it? Do you know that you can learn music theory as you play the instruments of your choice? The team of educators in Ensiklomusika Music School is highly experienced in teaching you the fundamentals of music while disseminating the theories to enrich your knowledge.

Our team can help you, speak to us here!

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