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Why Learn the Guitars?

Remember the first guitar performance you watched and managed to make your jaw drop?

The way Jimi Hendrix and Eddie van Halen rocked their guitars on stage continues to astonish us at Ensiklomusika Music School. Everytime we watch them on videos, we will all be so still, and wildly amazed by them.

I am sure you are the same. I am sure you can recall the first time you saw or heard a guitarist play their instrument live and were blown away. They are portable, expressive, and adaptable.

I mean, the guitars are not my specialised instrument, but I can see why they are wildly popular among the students of Ensiklomusika Music School.

Guitar lesson Jakarta

Guitars are great for the expressive ones!

First of all, when it comes to portability, you really cannot be the guitar. I know we talked about the violins last week, and how they can adapt to the player’s body size. However, we need to learn that the guitars are as versatile as the violin, too. String instruments can be awesome, I know! In Ensiklomusika Music School, your first private music class will incorporate advice on picking the right guitar for you, based on your body size.

The acoustic guitar does not require any electronics or amplification. It is small and light enough to fit in the trunk of a car or the overhead cabin of an airline. It requires little maintenance or assembly after transportation, as it only has to be tuned before it can be used. You don’t even have to tune it before playing it, but you need to get ready to produce funny noises!

Additionally, the guitar is a polyphonic instrument with many voices and tones. It can play more than one tone at a time, allowing it to express various harmonies. The piano is the only other prominent instrument that excels at this. And, of the two, the guitar is far easier to transport—and, in most cases, considerably less expensive to purchase.

Also, do you know why the guitars have become one of the most expressive instruments? It is definitely flexible, as it is furnished with a tone and timbre appropriate for a wide range of musical styles. The range of the guitar is approximately four octaves, compared to about seven on the piano. Given the guitar's size (that is not as big as the piano, of course), this range is quite extensive. It can generate sounds all the way up to the upper registers of the bass spectrum. With a few more bass strings, the range approaches that of a piano. Having said these, the guitar is used extensively in popular music, including rock, Latin, funk, jazz, and other genres. It's also been used as a cameo instrument in a variety of other types of music. (Each of the private class instructors in Ensiklomusika Music School has played at least one of the genres live! Find out when you take your first FREE trial class!)

There are guitars with extra strings that can accomplish this. Once you’re an advanced player, I highly recommend you add strings!

guitar class jakarta

Guitars are approachable, easy-to-learn for beginners

The guitar is approachable since learning to play the first note, scale, or chord is quite simple. The guitar's frets provide a sharp distinction between sounds, and it is not even necessary to know the exact location of the division points. Any beginner can easily distinguish these division points and differences themselves, and it will be easier with the help of an instructor. The frets make it so simple for beginners to play the guitar, unlike the violins, or other string instruments.

When beginners play the guitar for the first time in their private class, it is, of course, will be solo. I know I mentioned this before about other instruments, but playing the guitar solo can be incredibly soothing. It is so similar to the form of meditation, and it can bring you to a next-level peace of mind!

Moreover, once you begin jamming with others, you will quickly realize that you have become a member of the musical community. You will meet new people, be able to stretch your creative muscles by trying out new song ideas, and learn how to communicate with diversified groups of people.

Many of us here sometimes feel uneasy in social situations - the reasons I ensure that our private music classes will accommodate many personalities. However, playing the guitar can help overcome these feelings. As an extremely social instrument, the guitar can be a conversation starter.

Last but not least, the guitar is also popular due to its widespread use in music. I mean, think of your upbeat favorite songs that do not feature the guitar? You can’t think of any, right? Many Ensiklomusika Music School’s students want to quickly start performing their favorite pop songs, hence their selection is the guitar. I personally feel that it is an ideal place to start playing music.

What do you think about the guitar? Let me know in the comment section below!

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